Sunset from a few nights ago as a front was moving through.  

Last Nights Sunset

It was a beautiful sunset after all the rain yesterday. I love the way it back lights the trees.

April Sunset

It’s been a while since I got a good sunset. Almost missed this one but my wife pointed it out to me.

Sunset from last Wednesday

Didn’t have anything from the last day or two so I thought I would put up a sunset from last week.  

Photo of the Week Feb 3 2019 take 2

I was disappointed in the way the earlier photo turned out once it was uploaded. Hopefully tonight’s sunset will make up for it.

Photo of the Week Dec 2 2018

This week my photo is a little more of a current event type picture. Tornadoes sprang up all around central Illinois last night. This is a snap of one of the cells as it past near the west side of Springfield. A hole opened in … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Dec 2 2018

Photo of the Week Nov 18 2018

The sun was almost down when I grabbed my camera and headed out. These frozen drops of rain on a tree limb caught my eye and I managed to get this picture before the sun disappeared completely.