February Sunrise

Finally got a chance at a decent sunrise on Friday. It was taken on the west side of Springfield on my way to work.

February Sunrise

Finally after all the days of gloomy weather! Starting February with a beautiful sunrise.

Beanfield Sunrise

The sun rising over a field of soybeans that are ready for harvest.

June Sunrise

This is the first really good sunrise I’ve had a chance to shoot in quite a while.

Photo of the Week Feb 10 2019

This is right before sunrise on Friday the 8th. From Millikan University in Decatur Illinois. This is also my last official photo of the week post. The purpose of it was to push myself to take photos consistently and I do now.  Sometimes I have … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Feb 10 2019

Photo of the Week Feb 3 2019

I had a picture of a purple finch ready for today but decided to do something besides birds this week. I caught the sun breaking the horizon this morning before the clouds took over. It could be a little sharper but I really like the … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Feb 3 2019

Photo of the Week Nov 11 2018

This is another shot of last weeks sunrise. I love the reflection of the light in the water pooled in the fore ground.

Photo of the Week Nov 4 2018

A chilly morning in early November. I drove up the road a little ways to get away from the trees so I could see the sun rise. There was a haze of light fog hanging in the low areas that helped to make a beautiful … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Nov 4 2018

Photo of the Week July 8 2018

I missed last week but hopefully this sunrise will make up for it. I almost didn’t take my camera with me the day I got this. I’m glad I changed my mind.

Photo of the Week June 3 2018

Another beautiful sunrise on Emiquon. Watching a sunrise like this always makes my day a little better.