A Sure Sign of Spring

You know it’s spring when the snakes come out. This guy was sunning himself in my front yard yesterday. He was far enough from the house that I left him alone. I know they are beneficial but I don’t like them up next to the … Continue readingA Sure Sign of Spring

Photo of the Week May 13 2018

Tulips at my parents house.

Photo of the Week April 22 2018

Even with the crazy weather here in Illinois, the spring beauties (Claytonia virginica) are blooming. A sure sign of spring. They don’t seem to be as numerous as most years but at least they are blooming. These small flowers grow in all counties in Illinois … Continue readingPhoto of the Week April 22 2018

Photo of the Week March 25 2018

These crocus’s are the first flowers I see every spring. I always watch for them to pop up at my parents house. When I see them I know warm weather will be here soon.  

Photo of the Week Feb 25 2018

Spring is close! The resurrection plants are coming up!