Photo of the Week Nov 25 2018

My wife has always told me that when you see a cardinal it is someone from heaven coming to say hi. If that’s true we have been getting a lot of heavenly visitors lately. The male cardinals really stand out in winter. They tend to … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Nov 25 2018

Photo of the Week March 18 2018

Just another picture of a cardinal. They are bright spots in a dreary day this time of year.

Photo of the Week, Feb 18 2018

The cardinals have stayed busy at the feeder. They spend a lot of time sitting in the trees watching the other birds feed. They will dart in, grab a seed or two and then move back to the safety of the branches. This one paused … Continue readingPhoto of the Week, Feb 18 2018

Photo of the Week Feb 11 2018

This cardinal was keeping a close eye on me as it ate from the feeder. Its concern wasn’t enough to make it interrupt its meal though.  

Dec 31 Photo of the Week

Unlike the bright red male, the female cardinal is a dull brown in color with hints of red on the wings and tail. My wife finds this very unfair. In my experience the female is less shy than the male and will come to feeders … Continue readingDec 31 Photo of the Week

Dec 9th Photo of the Week

A male cardinal on a chilly December morning.