Moon from June 2nd 2020

Starting tomorrow, June 4th, the moon will be full until sometime on Sunday. This full moon is known as the Strawberry Moon. I usually prefer to photograph the moon when it isn’t full so the craters stand out better, but if it’s clear I will … Continue readingMoon from June 2nd 2020

Finally saw the moon

All the rainy and cloudy weather lately has kept the moon hidden. Last night was finally clear enough to get a good shot of this not quite full moon.

October Moon

The moon on October 4th. Cool clear nights are here now and the moon is bright.

After the Storm

This morning’s moon after the storm moved through last night. The humidity was a little high but I think it still came out decent.

First Quarter Moon

This is the moon from last night. It’s the first quarter and will be full on the 20th. It will also be the spring equinox. That means warm weather is coming! The full moon this month will be the final super moon of 2019. This … Continue readingFirst Quarter Moon

Photo of the Week Oct 7 2018

Harvest moon from two weeks ago. In black and white.

Photo of the Week Aug 26 2018

This is the moon from a couple days ago. It is completely full today. This full moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon because sturgeon are most easily caught in August. At least according to the farmers almanac. Different North American tribes had different names … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Aug 26 2018

Photo of the Week April 1 2018

This is the second full moon of March. Known as the blue moon. I actually took it early on April 1st. One picture of the moon looks pretty much like any other but this is the best photo I got this week.  

Photo of the Week March 4 2018

This is the first of two full moons this month. It is known as the Worm Moon. It’s the time of year when earthworms start showing up. It is also called the Sap Moon since the sap is starting to flow in trees now. It … Continue readingPhoto of the Week March 4 2018

Photo of the Week Jan 7 2018

I took this on December 2nd.. It was a foggy evening and the moon had this cool halo around it making it look really interesting through the trees. I enjoy taking pictures of the moon. Hopefully when the weather warms up I can get some … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Jan 7 2018