Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

I’m not sure if this is a female or an immature bird, but either way it will be gone soon. The long flight to Florida or Mexico will start in a couple weeks and we won’t see them again until next spring. This is one … Continue readingRuby-Throated Hummingbird

Photo of the Week Sept 23 2018

This is probably the last photo of a hummingbird this year. They will be gone within the next couple of weeks. It amazes me that these tiny birds that buzz around my porch and look in the window to tell me the feeder is empty, … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Sept 23 2018

Photo of the Week Sept 9 2018

This hummingbird has been staying close for a couple weeks. It keeps watch over the feeder and chases the others away. The only time they can eat is when they team up and one distracts while the other eats.

Photo of the Week Aug 12 2018

The hummingbirds have been crazy active this week. Three or four at a time dancing around and taking turns at the feeder. One even came up to get a closer look at me with the camera.