The goldfinches are in full summer color now. It was a beautiful, warm morning and I had seven of these clustered around the feeder.

Goldfinch in last weeks snow

This is during the light snow we had last week. It will just be a few weeks and these guys will be putting on their bright summer color. Looking forward to it. My best photos are available at Etsy, Fine art America, and Redbubble. Links … Continue readingGoldfinch in last weeks snow

Photo of the Week Oct 14 2018

The goldfinches are back to their winter colors. I see a bright one every once in a while but mostly just these. They still brighten the day.

Photo of the Week Sept 30 2018

I haven’t been seeing the goldfinch’s much lately. There must be plenty of food available. This one kept looking at me like, ‘ You going to fill this up or what?’  

Photo of the Week March 11 2018

The Goldfinches are really active. Can’t wait till they brighten up this spring.  

Photo of the week Jan 21 2018

It was overcast and the lighting wasn’t the best, but the goldfinches and the house finches were very active. They kept the feeder swaying and spinning as they shared it. The house finch was originally only in the western U. S. but in 1940 several … Continue readingPhoto of the week Jan 21 2018