Photo of the Week July 8 2018

I missed last week but hopefully this sunrise will make up for it. I almost didn’t take my camera with me the day I got this. I’m glad I changed my mind.

Photo of the Week June 3 2018

Another beautiful sunrise on Emiquon. Watching a sunrise like this always makes my day a little better.

Photo of the Week May 13 2018

Tulips at my parents house.

Photo of the Week April 15 2018

My yard is full of these violets every spring. I like them better than the single color ones.  

Photo of the Week April 8 2018

I haven’t had a chance to get very many sunrises lately. I think this mornings was pretty nice though.  

Photo of the Week March 25 2018

These crocus’s are the first flowers I see every spring. I always watch for them to pop up at my parents house. When I see them I know warm weather will be here soon.  

November 25 Photo of the Week

On Black Friday morning my wife asked, “Why does the light look funny outside?” So I grabbed the camera. I love sun rises.