Photo of the Week Sept 30 2018

I haven’t been seeing the goldfinch’s much lately. There must be plenty of food available. This one kept looking at me like, ‘ You going to fill this up or what?’  

Photo of the Week June 24 2018

This downy woodpecker kept watching me as it hid behind the bird feeder post. The downy’s have been very active lately. They were even feeding at the finch feeder today.

Photo of the Week May 5 2018

This redwinged blackbird has been feeding at my feeder. This is the first time I’ve seen one do that. Mostly they stick to the fields and edges..  

Photo of the Week Feb 11 2018

This cardinal was keeping a close eye on me as it ate from the feeder. Its concern wasn’t enough to make it interrupt its meal though.  

Photo of the Week Jan 28 2018

This Red Bellied Woodpecker was active at the feeder yesterday. They are usually fairly shy and hang around in the brush when I am out but this female came up and fed. She didn’t stay longĀ  but I managed a few shots. The Red Bellied … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Jan 28 2018

Photo of the week Jan 21 2018

It was overcast and the lighting wasn’t the best, but the goldfinches and the house finches were very active. They kept the feeder swaying and spinning as they shared it. The house finch was originally only in the western U. S. but in 1940 several … Continue readingPhoto of the week Jan 21 2018