Tufted Titmouse

Another picture of a tufted titmouse. They are busy birds and are around all the time. They are hard to photograph though since they are constantly on the move like most small birds. The lousy weather lately has made it hard to get out with … Continue readingTufted Titmouse

Another Female Cardinal

The lousy weather lately has made it a little difficult to get out with the camera. I did manage to get another good one of a female cardinal the other day.

Female Cardinal

This female cardinal was keeping a wary eye on me as it ate at the feeder. They are usually less cautious than the males but this one was being careful. It also had to share with the chickadee flying in from behind.


The goldfinches are in full summer color now. It was a beautiful, warm morning and I had seven of these clustered around the feeder.

Goldfinch in last weeks snow

This is during the light snow we had last week. It will just be a few weeks and these guys will be putting on their bright summer color. Looking forward to it. My best photos are available at Etsy, Fine art America, and Redbubble. Links … Continue readingGoldfinch in last weeks snow

Photo of the Week Jan 27 2019

I finally got a picture of a Bluejay. They are very shy around my house. I can sit out with the camera and the other birds will return after a few minutes but not the Bluejays. I guess the cold and snow made them a … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Jan 27 2019

Photo of the Week Jan 20 2019

The tufted titmouse is one of my favorite little birds. They dart around constantly and can be hard to photograph. The snow and cold hasn’t slowed them down very much.  Several of them are at the feeders almost constantly. Taking turns with the chickadees and … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Jan 20 2019

Photo of the Week Jan 13 2019

The snow yesterday made the cardinals really stand out. They are bright spots of color that make the dark winter days much easier to bear. The snow makes them much more tolerant of my presence. There were five or six hanging around yesterday.

Photo of the Week Nov 25 2018

My wife has always told me that when you see a cardinal it is someone from heaven coming to say hi. If that’s true we have been getting a lot of heavenly visitors lately. The male cardinals really stand out in winter. They tend to … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Nov 25 2018

Photo of the Week Oct 28 2018

Not much of a chance to get out with the camera this week but I did manage to catch this cardinal under the feeder.