Busy Bunnies

These guys have been busy all around the yard lately. Every time I look out there are three or four out there. It won’t be long and they will be joined by their babies.

April Sunset

It’s been a while since I got a good sunset. Almost missed this one but my wife pointed it out to me.

First Quarter Moon

This is the moon from last night. It’s the first quarter and will be full on the 20th. It will also be the spring equinox. That means warm weather is coming! The full moon this month will be the final super moon of 2019. This … Continue readingFirst Quarter Moon

Sunset from last Wednesday

Didn’t have anything from the last day or two so I thought I would put up a sunset from last week.  

Photo of the Week June 3 2018

Another beautiful sunrise on Emiquon. Watching a sunrise like this always makes my day a little better.

Photo of the Week May 27 2018

I walked past this snake twice before I realized it was there. It didn’t turn out as clear as I wanted but it’s the first snake picture this year so I wanted to post it.

Photo of the Week May 13 2018

Tulips at my parents house.

Photo of the Week May 5 2018

This redwinged blackbird has been feeding at my feeder. This is the first time I’ve seen one do that. Mostly they stick to the fields and edges..  

Photo of the Week March 25 2018

These crocus’s are the first flowers I see every spring. I always watch for them to pop up at my parents house. When I see them I know warm weather will be here soon.  

Photo of the Week Feb 25 2018

Spring is close! The resurrection plants are coming up!