The goldfinches are in full summer color now. It was a beautiful, warm morning and I had seven of these clustered around the feeder.

April Sunset

It’s been a while since I got a good sunset. Almost missed this one but my wife pointed it out to me.

First flower of Spring

Then from my heart will young petals diverge, As rays of the sun from their focus; I from the darkness of earth shall emerge, A happy and beautiful Crocus! From the poem by H. F. Gould  

First Quarter Moon

This is the moon from last night. It’s the first quarter and will be full on the 20th. It will also be the spring equinox. That means warm weather is coming! The full moon this month will be the final super moon of 2019. This … Continue readingFirst Quarter Moon

Reminder of Things to Come

Thought I would post this picture from last summer on this windy, chilly, cloudy day. It won’t be too long and we will have warm days with green grass and butterflies.

Sunset from last Wednesday

Didn’t have anything from the last day or two so I thought I would put up a sunset from last week.  

Goldfinch in last weeks snow

This is during the light snow we had last week. It will just be a few weeks and these guys will be putting on their bright summer color. Looking forward to it. My best photos are available at Etsy, Fine art America, and Redbubble. Links … Continue readingGoldfinch in last weeks snow

Photo of the Week Feb 10 2019

This is right before sunrise on Friday the 8th. From Millikan University in Decatur Illinois. This is also my last official photo of the week post. The purpose of it was to push myself to take photos consistently and I do now.  Sometimes I have … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Feb 10 2019

Photo of the Week Feb 3 2019 take 2

I was disappointed in the way the earlier photo turned out once it was uploaded. Hopefully tonight’s sunset will make up for it.

Photo of the Week Feb 3 2019

I had a picture of a purple finch ready for today but decided to do something besides birds this week. I caught the sun breaking the horizon this morning before the clouds took over. It could be a little sharper but I really like the … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Feb 3 2019