The sunflowers at Jim Edgar Panther creek were beautiful earlier this year. They were well worth the few minutes it took to drive there.  

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Moon from June 2nd 2020

Starting tomorrow, June 4th, the moon will be full until sometime on Sunday. This full moon is known as the Strawberry Moon. I usually prefer to photograph the moon when…

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Indigo Bunting

These buntings are around a lot but I rarely get a chance to photograph one. This one was kind enough to pose near my front porch so I could get…

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Come to Me

I've been putting scripture on some of my photos lately. This is my latest. I've also made them available for purchase as downloads directly from this site.

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Finally saw the moon

All the rainy and cloudy weather lately has kept the moon hidden. Last night was finally clear enough to get a good shot of this not quite full moon.

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