Welcome to Brad Chambers Photography. Here you will find a gallery of my favorite photos, my blog, contact information, and a little about who I am. Most of my photos are of nature, but other subjects may crop up from time to time.  My best works can be purchased in my downloads shop as digital files, at My Etsy Shop ,and at Fine Art America as prints, framed prints, on canvas, and on other items such as coffee mugs or phone cases. Also I am now on Redbubble where you can purchase standard prints, art prints or other items. I hope you find my work enjoyable and inspiring.



The sunflowers at Jim Edgar Panther creek were beautiful earlier this year. They were well worth the few minutes it took to drive there.

A common sight in the summer

The daylily is a common sight during the summer in the midwest. They bloom through July and August. Originating in China, they were taken to Europe and then eventually to North America. The original orange has been bread with other plants and they can now … Continue readingA common sight in the summer

Moon from June 2nd 2020

Starting tomorrow, June 4th, the moon will be full until sometime on Sunday. This full moon is known as the Strawberry Moon. I usually prefer to photograph the moon when it isn’t full so the craters stand out better, but if it’s clear I will … Continue readingMoon from June 2nd 2020

Indigo Bunting

These buntings are around a lot but I rarely get a chance to photograph one. This one was kind enough to pose near my front porch so I could get a few shots. It’s really colorful when these are around at the same time as … Continue readingIndigo Bunting

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