Welcome to Brad Chambers Photography. Here you will find a gallery of my favorite photos, my photo of the week, contact information, and a little about who I am. Most of my photos are of nature, but other subjects may crop up from time to time.  My best works can be purchased at My Etsy Shop as art prints and at Fine Art America as prints, framed prints, on canvas, and on other items such as coffee mugs or phone cases. Also I am now on Redbubble where you can purchase standard prints, art prints or other items. I hope you find my work enjoyable and inspiring.


Photo of the Week Nov 11 2018

This is another shot of last weeks sunrise. I love the reflection of the light in the water pooled in the fore ground.

Photo of the Week Nov 4 2018

A chilly morning in early November. I drove up the road a little ways to get away from the trees so I could see the sun rise. There was a haze of light fog hanging in the low areas that helped to make a beautiful … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Nov 4 2018

Photo of the Week Oct 28 2018

Not much of a chance to get out with the camera this week but I did manage to catch this cardinal under the feeder.

Photo of the Week Oct 21 2018

The cardinals have recovered from molt and are looking good for winter. The colder weather has them very active near the feeders. The cardinal was selected by school children in 1929 to be the state bird in Illinois. It is also the state bird of … Continue readingPhoto of the Week Oct 21 2018

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